Economic Vitality

The Board of County Commissioners listed “Developing an Economic Vitality Action Plan” as a priority objective for the County at a recent strategic planning session.  During the past decade, several excellent economic development plans were completed by Douglas County and its economic development partners. These studies recommend nearly 900 different goals, objectives, and strategies. At the same time, nearly every study is consistent in expressing the community’s desire for Douglas County to strike a balance among community vitality, environmental quality, economic prosperity, cultural expressions and social equality.

As part of the Douglas County Economic Vitality program, the Airport has been identified as a Sport Aviation Destination, with Linda Mae Draper-Hivert as our Champion. Her Team consists of: Terry LaLonde, Michael Bradford and Bobbi Thompson.

The Team’s goals have been identified as: 

  • Elevate Minden-Tahoe Airport to the world’s premiere sport aviation destination by developing
    • Community Involvement
    • International Awareness
    • Aviation Learning Center
Sports Aviation Destination
Education Awareness Business Developmnet
International SoaringMuseum Minden Soaring Summit 2011 Aviation Trade Shows Attend & Invite
Challenger Learning Center Soaring Society of American Annual Conference 2012 On-Airport Sports Aviation businesses, services & manufacturing
Sister-City with Omarama, North Otago, New Zealand National SoaringChampionship 2016 Off-Airport aviation & outdoor recreation, lifestyle manufacturing
Antique and Homebuilt Aircraft World SoaringChampionship 2018 Sports Complex & Retail

For more information on the Douglas County Economic Vitality initiatives, please click here.